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Ripple Road Podcast

RIPPLE ROAD - The Afterlife is Here

Unexplainable disturbances launch one man to explore how those in spirit remain connected to the living. Join medium Scot Edward Henry on this spiritual safari through the raw and shocking to the heartfelt and healing, with stories from real people who've received messages from beyond.

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Inspired Messages for Life and Beyond

A YouTube Video Series

Signs of a Spirit Presence

When those who have passed away remain interested in you, they may leave a sign of their presence. What are these signs and what do they mean?
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When a Spirit Visits Your Dreams

How can you tell if someone in spirit has truly visitied you in your dreams? How to tell a visitation dream from a regular dream.
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Developing Your Connection to Spirit

Explore the unique ways that your mind receives psychic information and how to improve your personal connection to those in spirit.
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Guided Meditation

Relax and Connect with Spirit

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    Develop your psychic channel by relaxing, letting go of stress, and entering into an open state of mind to receive a personal message from someone in the spirit world.

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