Inspired Messages for Life & Beyond

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  • Deeper Into the Law of Attraction Reality is shaped by your thoughts, but it's happening on a deeper level. How to program your life to attract what you want.
  • How Long Should You Wait to Get a Reading? Is there a certain amount of time that you should wait after a person passes before you attempt to contact them?
  • The Secret to a Happy Life The secret to happiness is hiding inside you right now. There are sign posts in your life that have been pointing to this secret all along.
  • Sleep paralysis: A Spiritual Explanation When sleep paralysis can't be fully explained by science, it's time to consider spiritual ways to explain it and cope with it.
  • When Everything Happens at Once What's going on when everyone you talk to seems to be going through some crazy stuff all at the same time?
  • Developing Your Psychic Abilities The unique ways your mind receives psychic information and the ways you can practice opening and improving your psychic channel.
  • When Life Throws You a Curve When life becomes challenging, trying to make sense of it all can lead to frustration. Get a glimpse of the larger spiritual picture.
  • Understanding the Afterlife How can we answer the Big Questions? Who are we and what happens when we die? Can we even know this at all while alive in the physical world?
  • Signs of a Spirit Presence When those who have passed away remain interested in you, they may leave a sign of their presence. What are these signs and what do they mean?
  • Stop Overthinking: A New Spiritual Approach How to quiet your thoughts and prevent moments of anxiety and overthinking from happening as often.
  • Visitation Dreams What separates a real visitation dream from a regular dream and how to encourage a spirit to visit you at night.
  • Imagination & Reality A discussion on the intertwining of imagination and reality when opening up to believing that those in spirit remain with us.